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Electric Heating Innovation: range of high performance infrared heaters Heat4all Iconic

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5 major advantages characterising HEAT4ALL infrared heaters

  • Very low consumption. Up to -40% of consumption compared to current heaters. Classified as the most cost-effective heating solution by an independent engineering firm.
  • Extra flat. Only 2 cm thick.
  • Exceptional finish and an almost 100% customisable heater (17 powers/sizes, colours, decoration, material, control system).

  • Guarantee 8 years. Made in Austria. No breakdown.

A truly reduced consumption

The HEAT4ALL heaters are designed and manufactured in Austria according to constantly improved processes. Nevertheless, the principle of heat emission (far infrared radiation) does not change.

Unlike the vast majority of manufacturers who are “satisfied” with a carbon film (much less expensive), HEAT4ALL relies on a premium alloy of copper and nickel to produce and emit the radiation. This element as well as the specific emissive powders covering the surface of the heater have the effect of boosting the radiation.

Heat4all infrared heater ICONIC

Up to -40% of electric consumption compared to conventional electric heaters

Infrared heating principle in 2 min (DEGXEL a HEAT4ALL brand)

The infrared is forced forward (and not backward toward the wall of installation) as the ICONIC heater has a specific high density insulation at the rear of the heater. Only few manufacturers use this more expensive process. As a result, HEAT4ALL far infrared heaters emit up to 71% certified radiation rate (University of Stuttgart). This element and the range of waves of over 4 meters, allow the heater to quickly reach all areas of the room.

Count 50 to 60 Watts per m2 to size the power requirements (100 Watts/m2 for conventional heaters).

The ICONIC heater is extra flat: only 2 cm thick!

radiateur extra plat heat4all iconic

only 2 cm thick for an ultra design rendering

Today a heater needs to fit harmoniously in its environment while minimising its influence on the layout. HEAT4ALL Iconic range heaters are only 2 cm thick, allowing to integrate them with style into the wall or ceiling thanks to a unique anti-release fixing process. The performance of the restored energy compared to the surface of the heater is very high. For the same surface area, Heat4all heaters provide more heat. At equal power they are more compact than the competition.

Heat4all heaters save living space: low thickness + compactness-performance + mounting method

The ICONIC heater is (almost) 100% customisable

HEAT4ALL ICONIC heaters come in several product families:

  • the white classics (best sellers)
  • the mirror range,
  • the picture range (decoration from our database or picture provided by the client),
  • the tinted glass range (customisable colours – choose your RAL code),
  • the covered outdoor range (patio, terraces, conservatories, wellbeing areas, etc.).
Customisation of dimensions, decoration, colours, finishing, frame, lightings, control systems…

Customisation of dimensions, decoration, colours, finishing, frame, lightings, control systems…

The possibilities of customisation of HEAT4ALL ICONIC heaters are important.

From an aesthetic point of view, you can add a frame on the picture and tinted glass ranges. It is possible to add luminous frame in order to transform the heater in a luminous heater (or even a 3 en 1 luminous mirror heater).

The 17 size-power possibilities allow it to meet all housing configurations that you can imagine. Heaters are certified to be mounted on the wall (like conventional heaters) or on the ceiling. The same heater can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Graphical concepts by juxtaposition of several heaters of different sizes or forms (square, rectangle) can be created.

The colours can be 100% customised, choose your RAL. Heat4all has been specialising in the printing of decoration on heaters for many years guaranteeing you a perfect and sustainable rendering.

Finally, control your Heat4all heaters as you wish: wired thermostat, wireless thermostat, home automation, voice control, etc…. The compatibility is almost total with modern equipment.

Requirement of an excellent reliability

radiateur top fiabilite heat4all

8 years guarantee Made in Austria

The HEAT4ALL company proudly claims MADE IN AUSTRIA as a differentiating element in terms of quality and reliability. The company reports a breakdown rate of 0,1% which enables them to guarantee their heaters for 8 years.

Other characteristics of ICONIC HEAT4ALL infrared heaters

In addition to the previous points, Heat4all ICONIC heaters have the following advantages:

  • heat felt as pleasant and gentle (like a wood stove) and healthier (no mixing of air and allergens),
  • homogeneous heat from floor to ceiling as a result of high performance radiant technology which greatly contributes to thermal comfort,
  • an increasingly environmentally friendly heating mode as electrical production becomes “green”,
  • silent,
  • very simple (and quick) to install,
  • no maintenance,
  • removable and transportable in case of moving (unlike other heating methods).

The Conventional white ICONIC HEAT4ALL

Distributed in 18 countries, Heat4all heaters are an extract of reliability and efficiency!

gamme radiateurs classic line iconic heat4all

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CONTACT HEAT4ALL: www.heat4all.fr

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