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Austria, 17 countries in Europe

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HEAT4ALL company is an Austrian manufacturer of very low consumption infrared heaters and its accessories.

Innovative slimline very low consumption infrared heaters range

A far infrared indoor range and a short infrared range for covered outdoor

The Austrian company HEAT4ALL develops a high technology extra flat heater range (less than 2 cm of thickness). Whatever the finish, the technological principle is still the same: an alloy of copper and nickel is trapped in a metal structure. The alloy produces an energy transfer by radiation through a high emissivity surface. The radiation is forced towards the front (and not to the rear of the heater) due to a high performance insulating structure.

HEAT4ALL heaters are among the most efficient in Europe with a radiation rate of 72%, according to a research made by the Institute of Higher Technical Studies of Stuttgart (2016).

These heaters meet the highest standards and an exceptional level of finish (5 ranges) :

  • Mirror Heaters
  • White Metal Heaters
  • Tinted Glass Heaters (RAL 100% customisable)
  • Printed Decoration Heater (image of customer’s choice).
  • Heaters are available in 18 sizes and powers. Therefore they offer the feature of being almost 100% customisable, to suit interior designers.

The manufacturer also has a German made range for terraces and balconies, pergolas, conservatories porches, outdoor dining rooms etc. for professionals


Indoor range: wall and ceiling mounting, 100% customisable finish

Quality, customisation and service Made in Austria

The unique and innovative mounting system allows a traditional wall mounting (or ceiling) in less than 30 minutes. The mounting system is particularly safe as it is certified for a ceiling installation.

The temperature management system is optional, which represents many advantages:

  • can be controlled by any system on the market (compatible with home automation solutions via internet),
  • no breakdowns and a high reliability due to the absence of on-board electronics. The warranty is 8 years.
  • temperature measurement not on the heat emitter but in the heart of the living room (where the wireless thermostat is fixed for instance).
  • the possibility to obtain that incredible thickness of 2 cm due to the absence of electronics.

Champion of low consumption, the HEAT4ALL infrared radiant heaters promise an electric consumption reduction of 30% to 50% (compared to conventional technology heaters). The calculation bases for power balances are 50 Watts per m2. This explains why the power ranges are from 210W to 1020W maximum to heat up to 30 m2.

Heaters are available under 10 days for conventional ranges and under 2 weeks for 100% customisable decorations. These ranges are reserved for professional distribution (architects, general contractors, electricians, industrial societies, dealers, etc.)

A new innovative range is being developed to integrate lights in the heating itself.

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Innovative company HEAT4ALL
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