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Lighting: the new use for “consume the light” as you wish

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What are the latest innovations in connected or smart lighting?

The connected objects are invading our habitat. Combined with the LED technology they are revolutionising our way to “consume the light”!

What do the current innovations provide (smart light) in terms of lighting?

The light is transformed into a real experience (colour temperature, atmosphere, etc.). Infinitely customisable, it contributes to the sensation of comfort and well-being. Therefore everyone can adapt its “lighting plan” to its daily activities and uses, for example:

  • wake up gently with a progressive light,
  • synchronise the lighting atmosphere with the music or movie you are watching,
  • create customisable sequences to suit your lifestyle,
  • create scenarios to simulate your presence from the inside or outside,
  • use scientific programs to program the light to improve your concentration or your sleep,

The light and lighting have evolved and offer new horizons:

  • energy: the energy-efficient LED products (80% less than incandescent bulbs),
  • arrangement: illuminate narrow and small areas or sublimate the atmosphere areas (bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom),
  • decoration: decorate with retro vintage LED based style, bring million of colours to your living areas,
  • control system:
    • multi-devices by smartphone, tablet, etc.
    • voice control with various vocal assistants: alexa, echo (amazon), apple homekit, google assistant, siri, cortana, etc. Talk to your light! Change your luminous atmosphere by voice (turn on, turn off, reduce, increase, change the colour temperature, obtain multi-colour, program).

Some technical elements to take into account:

  • the luminous intensity: for a low light atmosphere (sieved) choose LED from 300 lumens. For bright light choose at least 800 lumens (source OSRAM).
  • colour accuracy: use the CRI. This defines the capacity of a lamp to properly restore the colours. In places where such a precision is important (showrooms, shows, shops etc.) this index should be between 80 and 90 (with 100 being the maximum corresponding to the natural light).
  • the angle of light radiation: will determine which surface will be illuminated (specific or diffuse lighting).

Some innovative solutions on the spotlight:

The main solutions of smart lighting (non exhaustive list):

  • smart LED lighting from Philips Hue (infinite number of colour combinations, intuitive technology, connects up to 50 luminous points and accessories controlled by only 1 device, easy to cut, glue, shape, extend).
  • Liprotec: bespoke lighting of stairs nosing, worktops, plinths, stairs, partition walls, reception areas, wall panels, bathtubs, etc. Smart control.
  • Osram: lighting of walls and ceilings, slimline led panels, retro vintage range. Control by remote control or smart control (range smart+, motion detectors, etc.).
osram-led-retro @Osram

osram-led-retro @Osram


How to customise and order my light?
How to customise and order my light?
Lighting: the new use for “consume the light” as you wish
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