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How to create a bespoke lighting atmosphere?

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The wellbeing creative light

The light has a direct impact on our brain by regulating our emotions. Today there are technical solutions combining new experiences expected by customers.

What are their expectations?

  • to be able to customise, simply and quickly, the lighting atmosphere of a building or dwelling depending on the time of the day (sunrise, lunch, sunset, activity, …). The objective therefore is to allow the customers to create an experience specific to their own moods, activities and desires of the moment.
  • to create an atmosphere specific for the room to light (kitchen, dining room, wall, outside, drop ceiling, circulation areas, …) with creative and decorative fittings.
  • reliable, safe and low energy consumption lighting products.

As a professional, you need to be able to offer a solution specific to each customer. Discover the solutions of the brand Liprotec of the german manufacturer Schlüter-Systems. It now offers nearly 10000 solutions for inside and outside facilities.

The LIPROTEC solution to design luminous environment

The field of lighting is constantly changing due to the emergence of new technologies but also because of the regulatory constraints.

The Liprotec solutions allow to arrange the interior of your customer to bring him more and more of wellbeing.

How to bring the creativity and arrange the interiors of your customers? Liprotec meets the following problems:

  • step nosing lighting
  • worktop lighting (edges – sides, worktop)
  • decorative material lighting (niches, wall coverings, light strips, …)
  • plinth lighting
  • stairs lighting
  • partition wall and reception area lighting
  • wall panel lighting
  • tub and spa lighting (socles, frames)
  • socle lighting
  • mirror lighting
  • heater lighting
  • enhancement of paintings by lighting

Create contrasts of light and make out the light!

LIPROTEC lighting solutions to achieve a bespoke luminous environment

What are the tools to achieve your creativity and arrange the interiors of your customersLipotec meets the expectation of the designers and architects:

  • anodised aluminum or stainless steel design profiles for a high-end rendering (wide range of dimensions)
  • decorative diffusion screen (direct and indirect light)
  • led ribbons
  • homogenous brightness
  • all lighting moods: warm white 3300K, neutral white 4500K, RGB colours and variable whites, etc.
  • performance cabling
  • discrete power supplies
  • intelligent control by smartphone, tablet and remote control (bluetooth or radio)
  • economic lighting technology
  • standards: LED IP65/67
  • quick and easy installation (kits, power supply, receiver, radio switch, pre-assembled delivery, clear instructions).

The extended range allows professionals to offer and build custom creative solutions.

Innovative: the RGB+B LED ribbon kits allow the customer to create the luminous atmosphere of his choice (to the specific colour) from the smartphone application. 16 million colours, adjustable between 2500k and 6500k. Compatible with moist rooms.




How to create a bespoke lighting atmosphere?
How to create a bespoke lighting atmosphere?
How to bring the creativity and arrange the interiors of your customers? Liprotec meets the following problems:
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