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DEGXEL company is an austrian manufacturer of very low consumption infrared heaters

Manufacturer of innovative slimline radiators

Very low consumption despite of using the electricity!

The inside range of DEGXEL heaters are available as 5 finishing ranges: white metal, tinted glass (colours of your choice), picture (decoration of your choice), mirror. The radiators are available in 17 sizes and powers and are almost 100% customisable.

The outside range is composed of numerous solutions for balconies, terraces, patios, conservatories, porches, pergolas, summer lounges, covered bars, outdoor dining rooms, etc.


Choose your colour, size, finish in the blink of an eye

More and more innovation and quality made in Austria certified

All DEGXEL heaters have a thickness of 2 cm, regardless of their finish: mirror, picture, tinted glass, white metal, etc…

Our mounting system is innovative as it is unique in the world of heating (used in other industries). The mounting is ultra quick and absolutely secure. This is essential as our radiators are also certified to be mounted on the ceiling.

We push the heater customisation to the limit. The customer can choose its RAL, a decoration from a database of its choice, master paintings (original paintings scanned through a unique process in the museums around the world) or even one of their own HD pictures. Our graphic designers carry out an “O.K. to print”, in other words a simulation, before printing. The industrial printers used in our plants use a unique technology allowing us to get a particularly impressive ultra realistic rendering according to the opinion of our professional and individual customers.

Our radiant infrared heaters have a radiation rate of 72% making our company a champion of low consumption in Europe (-30% to -50% of consumption comparing to conventional radiators).

Our radiators are particularly prized by architects.

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DEGXEL: Manufacturer of innovative slimline radiators
DEGXEL: Manufacturer of innovative slimline radiators
Slimline heaters / Infrared Heaters / Design Heaters / Design Heating / Glass, Mirror, Metal Heaters / Outdoor Infrared Heating
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