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Innovation of electric heaters: DEGXEL very low consumption infrared decorative Picture heaters

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6 key arguments in favor of DEGXEL heaters – decorative picture range

  • The heater adapts perfectly to the customer’s most sophisticated tastes. In terms of finishing, it is possible to make a custom-made decor or colour (photo library or customer’s own picture). It is also possible to choose the material (metal, glass, mirror, etc.).
  • Great finesse: only 2 cm of thickness.

  • Great modularity by adding options: luminous kit, towel dryer kit, decorative frame, mobility kit, control system of the heater (local, wire, wireless, via internet..).

  • DEGXEL’s high-performance infrared technology has been classified as the most cost-effective heating solution over 20 years (all costs and heating modes combined).

  • Great flexibility of positioning through the variety of shapes and sizes: standard wall installation (from just above the floor or at man height as a painting), ceiling installation, or mobile freestanding feet support, etc.

  • Manufacturer’s 8 year guarantee for an unfailing reliability.

General presentation of DEGXEL electric heaters – range of picture heaters

Range of electric heaters – Decorative picture – DEGXEL

Range of electric heaters – Decorative picture – DEGXEL

Table of heating surfaces/volumes by DEGXEL picture heater size

Table of heating surfaces/volumes by DEGXEL picture heater size

The strengths of DEGXEL design picture heater range in a blink of the eye:

  • the finesse of the heater (2 cm)
  • soft and pleasant heat (like solar radiation)
  • the thermal performance (up to -50% compared to traditional heaters)
  • the 100% customisable decoration
  • the outstanding finish

Based on a unique heating technology by infrared radiation, Degxel heaters offer high thermal efficiency for a reduced heater surface. It is possible to heat efficiently up to 30 m2 with a single heater (last generation thermal insulation conditions).

30 cm x 60 cm only to heat 3 to 6 m²!

Range of electric heaters – Picture Heater – DEGXEL

Range of electric heaters – Picture Heater – DEGXEL

The 30 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm (vertical) or 60 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm (horizontal) models allow to customise with elegance the toilets, the entrance halls, or even really small bathrooms.

Compact in shape, they free up space and add a touch of design and elegance. These 210W models are also available as mirror heaterspicture heaters (with decorations) or glass heaters.

Relying on a fast growing technology (far infrared heating) the picture heater quickly provides the power needed to heat the room.

from £449 public price

The finish is matte which allows the heater to be positioned in a contemporary environment as well as in a more conventional one.

Note that DEGXEL company has an agreement with german company ARTHOTEK, whose specialty is to scan in museums, via a unique process in very high definition, the original works of the most famous painters. Therefore, the artistic reproductions of the likes of Modigliani, Van Gogh, Klee, have an exceptional rendering on DEGXEL heaters.

Print the colour or image of your choice on Degxel heater

Print the colour or image of your choice on Degxel heater

60 cm x 60 cm only to heat 6 to 11 m²!

Electric heater range – 350W Square picture heater – DEGXEL

Electric heater range – 350W Square picture heater – DEGXEL

Example of a square decorative heater 60 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm with customisable decoration. With a consumption of only 350W the heater is intended for offices, bathrooms, small kitchens.

This model is available in other finishes as mirror heaterwhite façade heater or tinted glass heater (customisable colours).

from £699

Deco heater of 60 cm x 80 cm, only 450W to heat up to 13 m²!

Decorative infrared heaters of 60 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm (vertical) and 80 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm (horizontal) guarantee a soft and enveloping heat (like the sun) with only 450W of consumption.

This dimension is ideal for heating a well insulated small bedroom or office…

from £699

Decorative electric heaters – 450W Picture heater – DEGXEL

Decorative electric heaters – 450W Picture heater – DEGXEL

Picture heater of only 600W to heat up to 18 m² (70 cm x 90 cm)!

Customisable design electric heaters 600W range – DEGXEL

Customisable design electric heaters 600W range – DEGXEL

70 cm x 90 cm x 2 cm (horizontal) and 90 cm x 70 cm x 2 cm (vertical) models develop an exceptional heating capacity to heat up to 13 m² (in the case of the latest thermal insulation generation otherwise reduced performance).

These models are available in other finishes as mirror heatersclassic white heaters or tinted glass heaters.

from £899

Degxel 730W (only) heater to heat between 12 and 20 m²!

Electric decorative heaters 730W range – source: DEGXEL

Electric decorative heaters 730W range – source: DEGXEL

60 cm x 120 cm x 2 cm or 120 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm dimensions of 730W can heat a room of up to 20 m² (under ideal insulation condition).

This dimension is particularly interesting when you do not want to place the heater near the floor but above a low cabinet, or under a double leaf window. This model is also available in other finishes as mirror heatersdecorative picture heaters or tinted glass heaters.

If you are not sure about the power required, use our online power calculator www.degxel.co.uk, or ask for a custom power balance (for free) to our technical advisors DEGXEL

from £749

Heat 13 to 22 m² with elegance!

80 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm or 100 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm models with decorative façade of 780W are intended for heating up to 22 m² for all kinds of rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, office, large bathrooms, etc.).

The shape and the size of the heater means that it is difficult to “hide” it. Therefore, this is the opportunity to bring a touch of design and customisation. The decorations (in the picture aside painter Paul Klee) are available from the manufacturer’s database or provided by the customer (HD source is a must).

Beyond the decorations, it is possible to reproduce textures, materials or simply colours (matte rendering) according to the wishes of the customers. The customer provides the RAL code or the picture and DEGXEL technical department carries out an OK to print for customer validation.

Other finishes (in this dimension) are available: mirror heatersclassic white heaters or design glass heaters.

from £999

Electric design heaters 780W range – DEGXEL

Electric design heaters 780W range – DEGXEL

Impressive efficiency: 1000W only to heat up to 29 m²!

Electric Design Heaters - range 1000W 80 x 120 cm – DEGXEL

Electric Design Heaters – range 1000W 80 x 120 cm – DEGXEL

Les modèles 80 cm x 120 cm x 2 cm (vertical) ou 120 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm (horizontal) sont pensés pour la mise en valeur du radiateur comme un objet d’art. Bien qu’il soit possible techniquement de réimprimer un nouveau décor sur le radiateur, le coût de l’opération est peu rentable. Il convient donc de choisir un décor intemporel !

Côté performance, les 1000W à rayonnement infrarouge haute performance peuvent chauffer jusqu’à 29 m². Attention, la performance annoncée par le fabricant est possible dans des conditions optimales de placement du radiateur et d’isolation dernière génération. Le radiateur doit être centré sur la largeur et la longueur de la pièce, sans obstacle afin de ne pas freiner le rayonnement qui doit se déployer. En savoir plus sur les avantages du chauffage par infrarouge.

Cette dimension est également disponible dans d’autres finitions : radiateurs miroirs, radiateurs classiques extra plats ou radiateurs en verre teinté.

à partir de 1099€

Degxel Decorative Wall Heater: 1020W only to heat 18 m² to 29 m²!

60 cm x 160 cm x 2 cm or 160 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm picture heater model of 1020W can heat up to 30 m² (under the best conditions of performance).

These are the largest (most powerful) models of the manufacturer. Indeed, if at the conclusion of the power balance, it turns out that the power needs exceed 1020W (for example 1400 Watts), it will be necessary to place 2 lower power heaters on either side of the room. This will mean that the dimensions of the room are out of reach of the radiation of the heater. DEGXEL manufacturer is the leader in Europe with exceptional pure radiation performances (71% certified radiation rate). However, certain basic rules must be respected. To know if the heater is well positioned in the room, draw a virtual circular arc of 4-5 meters of the radiation around the heater. All areas outside of this volume will not be heated properly: change the location of the heater or place 2 lower power heaters.

You can find this model in other finishes: mirror heatersclassic white heaters or tinted glass heaters.

Prix public 1199€ (hors pose)

Electric decorative heater - range 60 x 160 cm 1020W – DEGXEL

Electric decorative heater – range 60 x 160 cm 1020W – DEGXEL

Accessoires pour la gamme de radiateurs décoratifs “Tableau d’art” DEGXEL

Accessories for DEGXEL “Picture” heater decorative range

This range of decorative heaters accepts the following options:

  • adding the towel dryer kit,
  • very flexible temperature control: accepts any type of thermostat that the customer already has or wishes to acquire (wired, wireless, via internet, etc.).

Distribution of DEGXEL decorative heaters

Associated with high-performance programmable thermostats, Degxel decorative heaters will greatly contribute to reducing home consumption. Associated with renewable electrical energy production, it’s a solution that ideally combines the reduction of carbon impact and thermal comfort.

DEGXEL electric heaters are distributed in 18 countries: Foto galleryInstagramPinterest, etc.

distributeurs radiateurs DEGXEL FRANCE

Examples of customer reviews about the infrared “picture” heater range

Electricians, heating engineers, architects, general construction companies, brands specialising in heating or decoration…

Benefit from custom tariffs and services for professionals. Contact DEGXEL sales department


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