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Comparative selection of electric mirror heaters

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To find out more about the constraints to be taken into account with regard to mirror heaters (power, water rooms, etc.), we invite you to read the article «Selection of the best electric mirror heaters»

The article below presents a selection of high-end electric heaters of the heating mirror type.


  • Small mirror heater 200W for WC / toilet
  • Electric mirror radiator for bathrooms (from 300 Watts to 800 Watts)
  • Mirror heater for rooms: living room, entrance hall, bedroom (up to 1000 Watts)
  • 5 examples of real projects for the installation of electric mirror heaters (and customer reviews)

Electric Heating Mirror Heater 200 Watts for Toilet / WC

Not to be confused with an anti-fog film, the mirror heater (or electric mirror radiator) heats rooms advantageously (and not only the WC). Both mirror and extra-flat heater, the space saving is obvious. The mirror heater effectively combats humidity and eliminates condensation in damp rooms..

Electric mirror heater for rooms: living room, entrance hall, bedroom (between 700 Watts and 1000 W)

The technology of heating by infrared radiation has been greatly improved in recent years. It is the only one that allows the production of real efficient electric «mirror» heaters (not inertia radiators or other convectors). Also, mirror heaters with a power of 450W, 500W, 600W, 700W are sufficient for most projects to heat up to 15 m². For larger rooms, such as living and dining rooms, 1000 watts are sufficient with the highest quality heaters. Keep in mind that power is equivalent to electricity consumption, and is not always a guarantee of efficiency! As a result, investing in a 2000W electric mirror heater no longer makes sense today.

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